Land Use Planning

Land Use Planning

Land Use Planning Services from Kessi Engineering and Consulting

Effective land use planning is the easiest way to prevent land-use conflicts. Kessi Engineering and Consulting (KESSI) has over two decades of experience performing land use planning for variety of commercial, industrial, and residential projects. Each project presents unique obstacles and adherence to site-specific requirements, zoning laws, landscape, and topographical considerations, which all must be taken into consideration.

Wherever you plan on building, KESSI can help manage the potential problems new projects often create. Federal, state, county, and local regulations all come into play at different stages of a project. Our land use planning services helps you build intelligently and cost effectively. We have practical experience in dealing with difficult to develop sites including forested areas, water front property, wetlands, streams, steep slopes, archaeological impacted, and other critical areas requiring a unique flexible approach and adaptive site solutions. For park and open spaces planning, our firm can create a master plan that maximizes usable space while meeting your objectives and complying with local regulations. KESSI planning services provide for overall functionality, long-term viability and stability of a planned unit development project.

We have experience with master planning, large industrial/commercial sites, residential and mixed-use sites. Our project team provides coordination and organizational skills, identifies resources, opportunities and constraints, and can develop alternative plans for site layouts, and development phasing. We enjoy working closely with individual citizens, advisory committees, local and regional public agencies and service providers in the planning process. Our land use planners get involved early in a project to help determine the best options for clients. With our years of experience and varied background, we understand the codes and requirements of the various area jurisdictions and can provide you reliable advice on how best to proceed. As many types of projects require land use approvals and permits, we know the value of our planning services as a critical element for our clients’ success. Our team members bring the unique perspective of being cross-trained in other disciplines. We depend on this diversity to develop insightful, feasible, and cost effective solutions to meet the project goals of our clients.

KESSI has a successful history of tackling unusual and complex land use situations for property owners. Legal issues regarding property boundaries or established use rights may surface for urban or rural properties when site development is proposed. We are pleased to offer the professional experience necessary to manage and resolve these kinds of situations. Our planners can work independently, or in consultation with a client’s legal counsel or professional services team. Our planning services and capabilities include:

Additional areas of planning expertise include:

  • Mixed-use and residential design
  • Master Planned Developments
  • Industrial land use planning
  • Commercial and office development
  • Urban Infill and Redevelopment
  • Cottage Housing Developments
  • Townhouse, Attached, Duplex and Narrow Lot Development
  • Cluster Subdivisions in Rural Areas
  • Boundary Line Adjustment (BLA) Planning
  • Manufactured Home Communities
  • RV Parks
  • Self Storage Facilities
  • Trails, open space, and resource planning
  • Coordination of critical areas, stream, habitat, wetland related permits